The 2011 Tropical Pleasure Walk is Saturday, November 5, 2011

Florida Kiwanis Division 23 Invites you to the 2011 Tropical Pleasure Walk to benefit SOS Children's Villages - Florida. This year's walk is moving back to the Village for a morning strollĀ  through the local neighborhoods to raise money to support the SOS "Moving Forward, Moving Up" Fund and an afternoon picnic to share fun and laughter with the boys and girls.

For over a decade the Kiwanis Clubs in Broward County have been supporting the "Moving Forward, Moving Up" fund which allows SOS to continue to support teens after they graduate high school and leave the Village. For may former foster children, life on their own without the support and advice of family can be overwhelming and daunting. Many end up homeless or incarcerated because they have no one to turn to. But, the teens at SOS know that they will always have someplace to go when they need help no matter what age - helping finding jobs and places to live, navigating college, even starting their own businesses and families

They wouldn't have the chance without our help. So join this year's walk!

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